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Mannol Products, Mannol Elite 5W-40, Mannol Defender 10W-40, Mannol G12+ Antifreeze, Mannol Coolant Fluid G13, Mannol MTF-4 Getriebeoel, Mannol Dexron III, Mannol Catalytic System, Mannol CVT NS-3,

New generation synthetic transmission oil for mechanic 5 – and 6 – speed transmissions for cars from BMW, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Honda, ZF etc. The modern additive package provides an easy start, a smooth operation of manual transmissions at low temperatures and under high loads, holds excellent anti-foaming properties as well as high thermal stability and is compatible with all types of construction materials. Extends oil change periods. Exceeds most requirements of automotive manufacturers.

A hybrid (HOAT – Hybrid Organic Acid Technology) high-technology ready-to-use solution with excellent operating characteristics intended for a year-round use in any modern cooling system for which the use of mono-ethylene-glycol-based antifreeze is recommended. It ensures a reliable protection of any cooling system.

Product properties:
– It ensures a reliable protection of metals and alloys (brass, copper, alloy-treated steel, cast iron, aluminium) from all forms of corrosion, as well as prevents a high-temperature corrosion of aluminium surfaces of modern engines;
– The non-organic additive package protects the surface at once and the organic part starts to act only when corrosion sources appear thus a maximum protection is reached from the start of use and the service life of the engine is extended;
– It has an exceptional thermal stability. It protects from deposit formation;
– It has excellent heat conductivity properties and a resistance to foam formation;
– It is neutral to inserts and hoses, compatible with all types of rubber and plastic parts of the cooling system;
– It has an excellent resistance to hard water and very low corrosion inhibitor depletion rates;
– The high-efficiency additive package ensures an exceptional stability of operating properties of the antifreeze throughout the entire service life;
– It contains a fluorescent dye allowing identifying even small leakages of the antifreeze in the UV light;
– It is a liquid with an elevated level of borates and silicates. It does not contain nitrates, phosphates and amines (the NAP free technology).

Mannol Dexron III Automatic Plus is an oil with a high viscosity index for automatic transmissions. It can be used in automatic transmissions, torque convertors, power steering and hydraulic circuits, for which the constructors prescribe a product, which meets the General Motors ATF Type Dexron III or Dexron II-E and Ford Mercon requirements.
Meets the requirements / specifications / products

Removes typical contamination and deposits in the combustion system
Cleans valves, piston rings, the exhaust system and the catalytic converter by eliminating carbon residues and scale, which ensures reliable operation and improved performance.
Restores the optimal exhaust gases purification and decreases fuel consumption.
Ensures a prolonegd service life of the catalytic converter and the combustion system.

A special synthetic transmission fluid for continuously variable transmissions with the V-belt variable-speed drive CVTF (Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid). It ensures a flawless operation of an automatic gearbox, guarantees minimal wear, a lasting service life of the transmission and fuel economy in all operating conditions and modes.

Mannol is a modern engine oil that is used for the lubrication of all 4-stroke gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbo. Provides easy cold cranking and extreme cleanness of the engine components. Has optimal viscosity at wide-ranging temperatures. Thanks to its high thermal-oxidative stability prolongs the periods between oil changes. Very low resistance at start ; exceptional viscosity index; very high thermal stability.

Mannol Defender 10W-40 SL/CF is a multipurpose multigrade semi-synthetic engine oil with hydro synthetic base for modern gasoline and diesel engines with and without turbocharge. It is produced with the use of unique StahlSynt wear-out reducing technology. It provides high degree of protection for new cars as well as for cars with big mileage. Prolongs periods between oil change. Mannol Defender provides safe engine combustion at high loads and frequent temperature changes.

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