Find the right liqui moly, and mannol products for your vehicle, first we are authorized distributors for liqui moly Egypt further to top brands.

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Liqui moly products

Liqui Moly Engine Oils

Liqui Moly egypt Additives

Liqui Moly Additives

For decades, they have been experts in the field of: highly effective additives and lubricants too.


Mannol Engine Oils

Mannol MTF

Mannol Transmissions Oils

Liqui Moly

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Buy liqui moly and Mannol friction motor oil, additionally Additives from our online store, with the lowest prices in Egypt, and ship to your door, moreover we are authorized distributors for top brands.

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For our unique full range of product; for vehicles gasoline, diesel engines oils, additives care products, in order to benefit from our unique liqui moly online catalogue, in addition to mannol source all in one catalogue, which cover full range of oils, and additives too, likewise liqui moly 5w40, liqui moly 10w40, liqui moly 5w30, liqui moly catalytic system cleaner, liqui moly injection cleaner, as well as: a wide range of products coupled with the highest quality

liqui moly offer a range of automotive chemicals, that is uniquely worldwide in terms of width and depth: Motor oils and additives, vehicle care and service sprays, greases and pastes as well as; adhesives and sealants too, furthermore our oils and additives Made in Germany.

We and liqui moly also recommends these products, to eliminate starting problems and rough engine running also to protect the catalytic converter from clogging with soot, this works perfectly in a magical way like video games.

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Time and time again, liqui moly are chosen as the best oil brand. moreover their products now inspire customers in over 150 countries.

A brand that arouses emotion and enthusiasm

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Furthermore the Ulm Group; in southern Germany offers; a wide range of quality products such as: engine oils, additives too, maintenance products and various performance. The range includes 4000 items. liqui moly develops and tests products, made in Germany in its own laboratories and then launches them on the market under its own name. Created 50 years ago, liqui moly is uniquely one of the industry leaders.


Professionals in the field of industrial chemistry are aware: the introduction of fully synthetic base oils of group V – esters – into lubricants enhances their functionality, fulfilling the highest lubricant quality standards. They significantly surpass all known traditional synthetic oils, produced using base oils of groups III (hydrocracking) and IV (PAO).

A universal all-season synthetic gear oil for all types of transmissions.

It is recommended for use in all types of transmissions, The unique synthetic base of the highest quality, with ideal viscosity in a wide range of temperatures, in combination with a latest additive package, to ensures superior antifriction properties thus ensuring a significant fuel economy and smooth transmission shift.

Complete Assortment

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mannol moreover is all the solutions, although mannol are one of the few complete assortment suppliers in the world, which offer over 4,000 products from one supplier, With mannol you have the most comprehensive assortment in the world for engine and gearbox oils, in addition to fuel and oil additives, furthermore cleaning products, chemicals and service products too. Optimal quality, everywhere and forever.

Liqui Moly 5w30

Liqui Moly 5w30 Molygen Engine Oil

Low viscosity high-tech low-friction motor oil, with high shear stability. moreover Combined with innovative additive technology too, and the special Molygen additive.

Reliably prevents the formation of deposits, furthermore reduces frictional losses in the engine, and provides optimum protection against wear uniquely, the results are; first savings in fuel, and second an extended service life for the engine.

Liqui Moly 5W-40 High Tech

Liqui Moly 5w40 High Tech Engine Oil

Ideally suited for modern gasoline and diesel engines with multivalve technology, turbocharger and with or without charge air cooling. Especially suitable where there are long intervals between changes and heavy duty engine requirements.

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